Who is Elvis Tell?

Well, he’s a Writer, Non-impostor, Lust-Love Idealist, Collaborator, Theorist, Note Collector, Idea Generator, Cynical Optimist, and Action Taker. He’s a Flawed Character, Tradition Forsaker, Copy Gusher, Museum and Church Avoider, Total Discloser, Coffee Guzzler, Cliché Dodger, Conflict User, and Complexity Miner. He’s a Humorist, Lucky Partner, Culture Skeptic, Dog Father, Sometimes Clown, Procrastinator, Serious Man, Cake Eater, Mistake Forgiver, Worrier, and  Humble Chaser of Something Better. He’s a Hungry Thinker, Layer Stacker, Nature Reverer, Thirsty Producer, Surprise Springer, Privileged White Male, and Ceaseless Imaginer. He’s a Genre Taunter, Repeat Snoozer, Negroni Mixer, Celebrity Scoffer, Negroni Drinker, Ambitious Creator, Advice Seeker, New World Builder, and Sexual-Emotional Creature, and I am him – most of the time, at least 😉

His mission here is simple: to provide a platform that facilitates creative output and collaboration, hunts for wisdom and evolution, and fights the negative and hollow trends of the day with cool shit. He foresees positioning this all some distance from MTV, Tinder, action blockbuster franchises, and Pokemon Go, and aims for it to be some brand of remedy for the Kardashians. He hopes to bypass the established global reliance on deceit, short cuts, and vicarious living to bridge the gap between thinking/writing, and living/acting. We use the many tools at our disposal to get stuff done, and make our way through lives lived well.

And so, naturally, I would love to be in touch. Contact me here: elvis@elvistell.com or connect through the social media below.