I’d like to tell you about some of my works of fiction here.

Let’s start with the project I am currently working on and have been busy with for several years: The Lust-Love Trilogy. Obviously, it’s a trilogy of novels and it features the Lust-Love Equation, which also features in various sections of this site. It’s a fictional work, but since it does cover plenty of theory, it acts as meeting point for fiction and non-fiction, and in a sense, is a microcosm of the spirit of creative cross pollination I am trying to foster through this site. Don’t worry though, it doesn’t plug philosophy at the expense of plot and character development, and there’s plenty of humor and intrigue across the interwoven plot lines too. Let me offer a small synopsis:


Book One: Equations

Renowned social philosopher and Lust-Love Idealist, Casper Moon, has just published a new book and it’s causing quite a stir. The Moon Reader is a portable collection combining over a decade of Moon’s works, abridged, re-edited, and reformatted for a new generation of readers, but it still emphasizes a main theme that has carried him from obscurity to guru-like status: be aware, accountable, and then take action. Get your Lust-Love Equation right and everything else will follow. Moon is determined as ever to offer a better Sexual-Emotional product to the world.

In New York City, a group of friends in their late twenties have just discovered Casper Moon and find his ideas particularly interesting. Some are coupled, others single, but all are involved in situations of Sexual-Emotional conflict, and Moon reveres conflict as the greatest tool to bring about meaningful change and personal evolution. We follow their lives for two months as these new ideas challenge and affect them.

It is odd for this group to read non-fiction, let alone books that some might even call self-help; in fact, their bond was largely formed on an almost cult-like adoration of controversial novelist, Russell Ashford, who, as it happens, is also about to publish a new novel after a long break to everyone’s great anticipation. And so we investigate how books, whether fiction or non-fiction, affect their readers, forcing them to answer difficult questions and to live up to potential. Is a book finished once written or only once consumed, or does it continue to evolve under each new pair of subjective eyes? How objective can we really be, and how do we navigate the tricky, essential relationship between subject and object?

Part philosophical soap opera, part dark psychological trip, no corner of the Sexual-Emotional landscape is suppressed as we reach for truths at once terrifying and rewarding. Also formatted with the modern consumer in mind, with a variety of interlocking contexts and textual contents, relaying several original voices and points of view, Equations reveals plenty about its players, but leaves even more to be answered, so laying the groundwork for the next two novels.

After 5 rewrites, Equations is 100% done and ready for the world. That is to say, it is seeking representation, and publication.


Book Two: Moon

This is essentially a fictional Casper Moon biography. We leave Book One’s scenery, characters, and timeline behind to recount Moon’s rise from humble beginnings to celebrated Lust-Love Evolutionary. In Equations, we only meet the writer and public figure through second hand accounts and through his texts; now, we get first hand insight into Moon the person, the character, who has his own set of conflicts and triumphs. We can access him in ways his fans and the players in Book One simply can’t. How much do we really know about this iconic individual?

I finished a draft of this book a couple of years ago but a lot has changed since then. I’m almost through a rewrite that will bring it up speed and push it on to the places it didn’t know it had to reach.


Book Three: Total Disclosure

We return to our gang in New York to continue their personal plots from Book One, find out what heights and depths they have reached, and tie up loose ends. But now, much as Moon did in Book Two, Russell Ashford also makes the shift from mere author of words, portrayed only through the lenses of others, to a character we spend intimate time with. We learn his history, hear his story, which runs from years earlier to the very consequential present shared by the characters in all three books. What will we have learned about them all by now? Whether famous or unknown, is your public persona similar to the one keep private? Or is this very equation, between truth and its revelation, the catalyst to essential change. Writers create worlds that move their readers, but every person has the potential to evolve into his or her finest edition.

This book is yet unwritten, though it aches to be. Tens of pages of notes wait anxiously upon transformation.


1: A total departure from The Trilogy, this one is set in Hong Kong, where a  writer has relocated from New York with his wife. Having already published one successful book he works on his second full of inspiration and eagerness, but it’s a struggle. He drinks too much and thinks too much and he can’t even think because there’s always construction in the apartment upstairs. Jesus, he’s become middle aged, with some new niggling injury seemingly every week. Surely he wasn’t always this anxious, but he’s pretty sure the cool young friend he shared his book’s synopsis with has stolen the idea and is writing it faster and maybe even better. God, he can’t think with the noise and the humidity and the recent financial problems. He can’t work fast enough. He can hardly get through each day unscathed. He didn’t know Hong Kong was a town of such excess and didn’t know just how vulnerable he would be to its many dirty charms. (Working Title: Gripp)

2: This one will delve into psychological science fiction without dealing in any way with aliens or space ships or heading into the future. It will look back at the past though. Through a man’s ability to relive parts of his life, I hope to investigate themes like identity, truth, potential, love, and immortality, and tell many entertaining tales, featuring a host of great characters along the way. (Working Title: Back)

Plus, I’ve collected a boatload of short story ideas that will need attention down the line too, and I’d love to work with someone someday on a graphic novel about a bizarre anti hero I don’t know much about yet, though so far, imagine being a hermaphrodite of unusual physical constitution addicted to a rare drug that at once provides superhuman powers and gnaws away at the soul.  What I do know is that I can’t draw for shit, so there’s that.